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LIVE IN YOUR MOMENT Trainer Tip #38 11/21/2017

Transformation and Trainer Tip Tuesday... let me start with this bit of advice...5 things to quit NOW: 1️⃣ trying to please everyone. 2️⃣ fearing change. 3️⃣ living in the past. 4️⃣ putting yourself down. 5️⃣ overthinking. 2 years ago I was a slave to every single one of those points...sure I looked good on the outside, but that’s all it was on the surface and a show. The outside was not a reflection of my inside, is was a mask hiding my sadness, anger, fear, and self-loathing...and even now, I recall how truly unhappy I was. Bringing myself down to less than 10% body fat in my disordered thinking should have made everything right, when in fact it fueled my anxieties and fear of failure. It brought me back to unhealthy and destructive behaviors from my past. It made my world about getting likes and followers and making other people happy, instead of myself and my family. I got lost in the spectacle and the attention. I was somehow functional in both worlds but my real life was suffering. Today, I have found my happiness, comfort and true love and passion. My worth isn’t measured by my body fat percentage or my weight or the number of likes I get on my posts. I see the visible physical difference from then to now...and that is a metaphor for the internal changes. See the small smile in my now pic? That’s real. The before pic my brow is furrowed in discontent. See the now pic that I’m a little more filled out and soft? Well that also shows that I am eating more with the purpose of muscle and strength growth, but also to maintain my health. Point 4 says quit living in the past...and it’s true. I don’t look back and dwell. I look back to remind myself of the journey, the highs and lows and everything in between. The good, the bad and the ugly of it will keep me moving forward to a better, happier, healthier me. And I hope the same for you. Remember it’s YOUR journey, no one else’s. Live in your moment. Learn from it all and know that a better you lies ahead.

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