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Reflection on Transformation

“Just because you align yourself with people you think are honorable doesn’t clean your slate...” (These exact words were said to me)

Who I am around now will not change my past, but it has certainly changed my present and my vision for the future. I am no longer existing in black and white…I am living in full spectrum color.

I believe in redemption, recovery, thriving, and that anyone can change for the better...removing toxicity from your life opens the energy channels for positive transformation. It doesn’t change the path you traveled to get to today, but it can be a fork in the road that will change your journey forever. Our mistakes, bad choices and failures of the past only bring us to this moment in time...and as my favorite quotes says, “at any given moment you have the power to decide that this is not how your story will end.”

At a certain point in my life, when everything felt helpless, hopeless and broken, I made that decision. I found myself escaping and surrounding myself with positive energy that would strengthen me and drive me toward a new path. It took time and overcoming a lot of self doubt and fear but I did finally release the toxicity that was poisoning my spirit. I may not and will never be a perfect human, as that is an impossibility...but I will always do my best to be as good and kind a human as I can be, not only because it elevates me, but because it’s the right thing to strive for.

I have aligned myself with many honorable people because their strength, courage, drive and desire to always be better has helped me to rise above and has shown me that there is life, joy, passion, love and light after the dark... I have no shame or regrets in my life, and I will not be vilified for who I once was. I leave the past behind and stay on my path forward. I walk towards light, joy and love, positivity over negativity, action over complacency, and determination in hard work over accepting mediocrity.

I didn’t seek or need saving. I learned to slay my own dragons. I saved my damn self. As a result of that, I found myself accepted and loved for who I am, just as I am, with everything I had to bring to the table.

You have to power within yourself to do the same...make a choice to make a change, whether it is to leave and unhealthy relationship or to change your lifestyle or to face your fears and do something you have always dreamed of doing...YOU HAVE THE POWER to transform you life as you know it. Take the small steps towards your truth and happiness shamelessly, fearlessly, BOLDLY.


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