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Will you build the house?



noun: transformation; plural noun: transformations

1 a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance.

Synonyms: change, alteration, modification, variation, conversion, metamorphosis, evolution, reshaping, remolding, rebuilding, reorganization, restyling, renewal, revamping, remaking

We often think of transformation in terms of the outside of things…how we renovate a home, or redecorate a room, but particularly how we physically change externally. Rarely do we see online a conversation about the internal transformations, both positive and negative. I understand that it can be a scary thing, and social media is meant to be a happy place where all things are hunky dory and nothing is real…but the reality is, we all FEEL, we all EVOLVE, we all CHANGE. I am a “fitness person”, so physical transformation is something that I have to sell…as a trainer, if I can’t help to create external changes for my clients then I am not a good trainer, right? Well, yes and no. I can only do so much for a client once or twice a week with 45 minutes each time. The rest is up to the client.


In that 45 minutes or hour and 30 minutes per week, I can give you all I have in my trainer toolbox, but what you do with it the rest of the time in your real-life scenarios is up to you. I can sell you the tools, but will you build that house on your own? Will you take the fitness tips and tricks, the nutrition and hydration advice, the mindset cues I give you and apply them to your day to day…or will they only come into play in our time together? The fact is some will, most won’t…and although that is on you and your personal accountability, it’s highly likely that you will blame the training, or find some other reason (ie excuse) that you aren’t being successful. Part of my work as a trainer and life coach is to guide you away from those excuses, not by denying their existence, but by holding yourself accountable for them and finding ways to overcome them positively. THIS IS TRUE CHANGE. If we can dive deep into our mindset and self-limiting beliefs, then we can transform from the inside out. Until you feel it in your guts, in your soul, in your heart then you won’t truly change. The external is just the outward reflection of what’s happening inside.

This brings me to the transformation that my business is undergoing now. VCNfitness as you know it is evolving and taking on a new form…the INNER WARRIOR PROJECT is the next phase of the business, bringing in

mindset coaching and detoxing the BS from your lives in order to discover and reveal the warrior in each of you. Over the next few months VCNfitness will become INNER WARRIOR with training, coaching, programs, challenges, FIT-cations, and the Tribe as subheadings under the umbrella. I am shedding the old version and metamorphosizing into the next iteration. New logo. New focus. New paths to uncover. I want you along for the ride.

The heart of the business is still the same. I am not going anywhere. But with my own personal evolution, the business had to walk forward with me. I will still be offering the goods…virtual personal training, strength training programs (general and customized), the Tribe membership program, FIT-cations (Puerto Rico 2022, what what!?!?), and my twice annual CHALLENGE! Added to this list of offerings is my new 30-day coaching program called the INNER WARRIOR PROJECT.

The next challenge is fast approaching and I am both hesitant and excited to announce that it will be a TRANSFORMATION CHALLENGE (see what I did here lol). I hesitate because, of course, to most this will imply that I will pick a winner based solely on the external changes…which I have avoided for years because the last thing I want is for you to go to extreme measures to win a damn challenge. I never want it to be about fat loss, scale number loss, or before and afters and it’s not a quick fix but rather it’s meant to create positive and lasting results. For most, the external is the most tangible measure of “success”. But I am looking for more than what appears on the outside…I want to know what is happening on the inside as well. So, with the fitness program for the challenge, I will be including a writing component. Self-reflection, accountability, and HONESTY are the new addition to this challenge. The winner of the 1st INNER WARRIOR FITNESS CHALLENGE will win a $500 credit toward a 2022 FIT-cation, an Inner Warrior tank top, and 30 days of coaching with me. This prize is priceless.



If you want in, reach out. I’m here to be your guide to discovering your fullest potential.


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