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WOMEN SUPPORTING WOMEN Trainer Tip #35 11/7/2017

It’s Tip Tuesday it’s not a fitness or training tip, specifically, but a life lesson...I want to share a post I wrote in 2013...someone disparaged my character out of jealousy and spite...this person felt the need to tear me down in order to lift herself was a sad moment in my career/life but it was also a turning point. I have since worked very hard at not letting words hurt me. Sometimes they sting, but I don’t let them consume me. As women, we tend to be competitive with each’s engrained in our DNA and it’s encouraged by society and now, social media. We can be healthily competitive and see each other as inspirations, not as someone to be better than...because we should only try to best our selves. I have realized how important it is to be a voice that lifts others up, not because it does anything for me, but because I can make a difference in peoples lives, for the better. I choose to empower and encourage other women to be their absolute best, to strive for their own greatness, and to return the pay it forward by inspiring, motivating and encouraging others. My tip for today is this...thank those that have had an impact on your life...both the naysayers and the positive forces, because you grow from both. You can’t control others and their words, thoughts and actions, but you can control your own. Don’t let haters bring you down...don’t let them take your power. Rise above by being a positive force in the lives of others. Many may not understand your journey, and that’s ok, it’s not theirs to “get” or analyze. It’s yours. Stay positive. Stay focused. Stay strong.

The following were my thoughts on this day 4 years ago... In the spirit of the thankfulness I would like to thank anyone that has ever judged me before really knowing me, called me a name, made fun of me, pushed me down, sat me on the sidelines when I deserved to be in the game, egged my car, ignored me, abandoned me when I needed them the most, broken my heart, lied to me, laughed at my tears, said that I am fat, ugly, untalented or too skinny, too muscular, not good enough...I would also like to thank those of you that have picked me up, encouraged me, cheered me on, hugged me, believed in me, told me the truth, loved me, knew the right words to say or when to say nothing at all, called me beautiful, fit, strong, talented. Each and every one of you have made me into the woman, wife, friend and mother I am today....and those of you that I have yet to encounter, on whichever side of the coin you are, thank you for impacting my life, thank you for making it challenging and exciting, frustrating and amazing. I will persevere through it all, be it good or bad....I will not let negativity from anyone or anywhere keep me down for long. Thank you universe for showing me beauty and strength and love every day.

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