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THE FALL DOESN'T DEFINE YOU trainer tip #24 8.8.17

Trainer Tip Tuesday and I am talking to you from a very personal place today.

A little back 2015 I started feeling pain in my back that I had never felt before. In fact, I was always kind of immune to pain or at least, I was in denial of it. I never liked to admit I was hurting for fear of being seen as "weak". But 2 years ago it was beginning to affect my work and my athletic hobbies, negatively. So I sought medical attention. It was diagnosed with bulging discs and degenerative disc disease as well as sciatica and I was prescribed physical therapy. The stubborn, hard ass that I am and have always been, I didn't follow through and just "sucked it up". Fast forward to today...the pain has worsened exponentially, muscles have begun to atrophy and I am suffering the mental and emotional pain of failing myself. No I am not a failure...I am human...a very stubborn human. I have pushed through and forced myself to perform in spite of the pain and the evident physical ramifications. I have wallowed and cried enough. So, again, I sought medical help. I have begun the PT I should have 2 years ago. If I don't take these steps I will not be able to go forward. I have to take a little time away from what I love and makes me happy in order to heal properly so I can continue to pursue my goals. I am working very hard to not see this as a setback or as a fall off or as a wall I can't break down. I have the people that love me reminding me that THIS is my path...and that I thrive off of overcoming obstacles! Deep down inside, I know this. Shoot, I preach this and now it's time to take my own advice. So my tip for you this week is to put your journey into perspective. You are not always going to have smooth will run into storms along the way...but you can't cow to have to drive forward head on...and you will come out the other side to see the sun again. It's just a test of your strength, your perseverance and your true will to fight. I know you have it in I have it within myself. I will not allow my pain to stop me. I may have to slow down and take it down a notch, but this is my path. Sometimes we have to slow down, turn around, re-evaluate, take a deep breath and retrace our steps, just in a different pattern, in order to move forward. You didn't come this far ONLY to come this far...there is so much more ahead...keep going.

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