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LIFT LIKE A GIRL trainer tip #18 6.27.17

Have you ever had someone, a stranger or otherwise, straight up tell you "you're lifting too much weight" or say "women shouldn't lift heavy" or "you don't want to get too big"?

I have and it's it downright makes me want to scream in anger. I have had all of these things said to me. I mean strangers on the street, in a Starbucks, and even AT the gym have said those words to me. My reaction, after the initial shock is, "What I do with MY body has nothing to do with you, so how dare you even comment." Usually this shuts them up, but their comment leaves me seething with anger. Why? Why are women, to some, still considered the weaker sex? Why do some people think it's manly for a woman to lift weights? Why does this myth of becoming "manly" still exist, when the science and the truth is so clear. Women don't have the testosterone to get bulky man-sized muscles naturally. Women can be strong. Women can have muscle. Women can be confident. It doesn't make us manly or butch or not feminine. But still there are people that find it ok to make these comments...oh and I've had women make these negative comments to me too. One of my challengers asked me how to react when a stranger at the gym makes a comment like this. Well, have a response ready, because even in 2017, people still think it's ok to make comments, however inappropriate or rude, about a woman's body. Remember ladies, just because they make little pink and purple 1, 2, and 3lb dumbbells doesn't mean those are "girlie weights" and that's what we are meant to use. There is no such thing as a "girl push-up". Exercises don't have a gender assignment, refer to them as MODIFIED, because that's what they are. We can do anything a man can in the gym. Don't let a man that doesn't appreciate or is intimidated by strong women make you feel inferior...and also, don't let other women tear you down. Strong women support other women. Educate them on the facts and then go about your business. You are not "strong for a girl", you are just strong. Be proud of that. Own it. Remember, don't fear lifting weights...fear ignorance.

So today's Trainer Tip is...Lift because it makes you happy and don't worry or care what others think of you and your choice to lift weights.

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