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DON'T BE FOOLED trainer tip #5 3.28.17

Trainer tip Tuesday! How many of you have seen ads for "amazing new miracle fitness products"

have said to yourself...only a few minutes a day?! I can do that! And you see the "results" of the workouts and the "money back guarantees"...and decide to spend your hard earned money on it for it to then sit in the corner collecting dust. Or you try it and realize you spent your money on a piece of molded plastic because a famous person promoted it...I mean, why would they do that if it isn't legit? (Hmmmm...$$$$$$$?). I'm sorry to burst the fitness fad scheme bubble but there is no quick fix. A few minutes a day of twisting isn't going to trim your belly fat (you cannot spot burn) may laugh your abs sore at how silly this is but that's it. No shake weight, belly wrap, or magic diet pill is going to do what good old fashioned hard work and a proper balanced diet will. Good things, things worth having, take time! Tried and true fitness methods take time, effort and consistency to work! My advice if you want a fun fitness fix, is to put on your favorite song and just no one is watching...laugh, have fun, move, shake, twist, bounce...and you will work up a good sweat and get a free workout just a few minutes! But to truly change your body you have to put in time, and effort with patience and consistency...those are the not so secret secrets.

CLick here ti see the video for this post

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