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YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE AN ISLAND Trainer Tip #31 9/26/2017

Tip Tuesday and I want to talk about the benefits of having accountability partners. Studies have shown that partners help each other achieve success. Why is it that so many of us purchase workout programs and dvds and never even open them or start them and don’t complete them? It’s because there is no real person on the other side telling you to do it. It is completely up to you to make the choice and follow through. Sometimes your desire for change just isn’t strong enough to push past fear, anxiety and wall you have built that has gotten you to where you are. There is no one there to cheer you on and tell you how great you are doing, or to even call you out when you are half-assing it. That’s where an accountability partner comes in. Whether it’s a workout buddy, a coach, a trainer or even an online group...or all of the above, like the VCN Tribe! How can having a partner help, beyond what I stated above? If your partner and you are working towards a similar goal, then a little healthy competition goes a long way towards motivation and inspiration. Encouragement is huge...especially when you have a down day or if you reach a plateau. That’s what your partner is there give you an honest kick in the butt if that’s what you need to push past a setback or to pick you up out of a rut. Your accountability partner should be able to give you positive feedback and honest tough love when it is appropriate and needed. Or maybe you need to be held accountable by someone you admire or has more knowledge than you about fitness or nutrition. This is where someone like me comes in. I am the accountability partner for over 100 women...and I am willing to take time out from the day to give that encouragement and honest tough love to them individually or as a group...I also to guide them, mentor them and coach them through the program so they don’t hit a wall, or if they have, to help them knock it down. They, in turn, are my own accountability partner AND group to hold me accountable as well...even the mentor needs a pick me up, kick in the buns honest push to go forward. In the past, I was an island, working out alone and being my own cheerleader and trainer. The time came last year when my ability to push myself waned. In came my buddy, partner and soul sister to push me, inspire me and encourage me...the better my own best every day. She and I bounce our energies off of one another and that drives us both forward. I also have the VCN Tribe to check in and say...ok, I did my workout...against these odds...but I got it done, have you? I also turn to them when I need 100 kicks in the rear to tell me to get it done. This has been a vital component to my current progress. The Tribe is always growing...and I am happy to bring many more in that need a clear and effective program to follow (that is legit), that need a real TRAINER to coach you along the way and teach you proper form, answer your questions with knowledge and give you the push you need to succeed! For whatever reason, you are reading this now...perhaps you need this Tribe....take that step outside of what is easy and comfortable for you...change won’t happen if you stay there. The VCN Tribe is here for you so you, too, will smash those goals.

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