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MY FLAWS TELL A STORY Trainer Tip #28 9/5/2017

"Your flaws are perfect for the heart that is meant to love you." I wish I could see myself through my husband's eyes. Every day, he tells me I am perfect to him...and every day I have a very hard time accepting that. When I saw this photo I cried. Yeah, I know, it's stupid and many of you can't possibly understand the toll lifelong Body Dysmorphic Disorder has taken on me and how I see myself. But I did and it was a real feeling of anxiety, panic and fear. Worst of all, I felt depressed and angry. Sad because in my head all I think is "I've let myself go." And angry because "come on you know how to do this and you have people that look up to you...what the fuck have you done to yourself?" I know...I know...what you are saying is..."she's crazy; she looks great; many 40 year old moms would kill to look like that". This is BDD. I see myself through a distorted lens. And I hate it. I wish I could just stop the self loathing. I have to start practicing what I preach. I have to LOVE what I love about strength, my determination, my ferocity, and among other things, my biceps 😜...I have to love these things so much that they eclipse the things I don't starting today, I will speak kindly to myself. I will love myself. I will fight the demons that I have fought many times before. And I will prevail. I will see myself as my husband does...maybe not perfect...but beautiful just as I am. For my Trainer Tip today...let's all practice speaking kindly to and about ourselves. The more you say it, the more you will begin to believe it...and believing is seeing. #positivethoughts

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