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THE REAL PICTURE trainer tip #25 8.15.17

Trainer Tip Tuesday...transformation and the importance of progress pictures. Every individual with a want for change experience it in their own personal way. Whether your goal is to lose fat or gain muscle/strength, there are no two journeys that are identical.

I was reminded of my own physical transformation after I shared my story about BDD and my current battle with self-doubt. One of my dear friends sent me these photos side by side of me 3 years apart. Intellectually I knew I had made huge gains, but emotionally it's so easy to forget. Sometimes we are so wrapped up in our journeys, both the hugs and the lows, that we don't truly SEE and BELIEVE the progress we have made. Sometimes you have to take a look back just to see how far you have come.

It doesn't matter your shape, size, starting point or fitness goal, transformation is happening as long as you are consistently putting the work in. You have to trust the process, focus on the positive each day and change will come. Effective and lasting progress is slow. Results will not be obvious immediately and will take time. We look at ourselves day in and day out, so the small changes are hard to see. It sometimes takes an outside set of eyes or a camera to show us. I have worked toward a certain aesthetic...but seeing this really reminds me that my work is working.

Progress pictures are a more accurate assessment of your accomplishments. The scale number is not the best way to judge your progress, and to rely on it is a surefire way to get discouraged, as is expecting quick results. To see the most clear results, take pictures once a month...wear the same clothing if you can...use the same posture or pose or flex (it doesn't matter how you stand just be consistent)...take the photo at the same time of day each may not see big changes in the first few months, and that's ok. Perhaps you need an adjustment in your training or nutrition program, reach out to a professional for advice or help. Patience is one of the most challenging components to the transformation process, but it is a skill we all could work on. Know that progress is progress no matter how slow. Keep working. Stay positive. Believe you can. And you will.

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