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YOU ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH trainer tip #23 8.1.17

It's trainer tip Tuesday and I want to talk about this perception that every fitness professional and social media icon is perfect...and that for some reason we (regular, everyday women) need to live up to that unrealistic standard. I will put it bluntly and I know it's obvious, but I'll say it anyway...NO ONE IS PERFECT. Everyone has bad days, bad angles, flaws, and everyone has rolls when they sit (unless they are posing). We have to stop it with the unrealistic, photoshopped standards of what is beautiful, fit, sexy, and healthy...all of those words have multiple definitions and look different to different people. Society and media has put these images in our faces for so long to make us feel like we aren't enough so we will purchase certain products and clothing to help us achieve that "ideal"...and in the process many of us have so much self-loathing and doubt and struggle with anxiety over our external self...we forget to be happy because we can't be "perfect" may not be in the forefront of your consciousness, but I have no doubt that it exists some where in the recesses of your mind.

Know are enough! Strive to be your absolute best every day and that is ideal...but even if you have a bad day, it's ok and so are you. I skipped my workout yesterday. I drank a margarita as I lazed by the pool. I struggled with gut and joint inflammatory pain. I have had serious body anxiety lately...but I push forward. I have learned to hush the negative voices that compare my body to others and even to my own past physique. It's not easy, but every day I remind myself that I am enough and perfect is boring. YOU ARE ENOUGH. Put the work in and be proud of your progress. Perfection is unattainable. Happiness is a choice...

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