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TALKING TUSH trainer tip #1 2.28.17

Trainer Tip Tuesday...let's talk tush! Squats are not the holy grail of booty building fact, the squat is more a leg exercise than anything, even though the glutes do activate and assist in the exercise, the main movers are the quads and hamstrings. These days so many women are seeking the formula for growing, lifting, shaping and molding a beautifully round bum. One single exercise isn't going to do it for you. You need a variety of movements to hit all of the muscles in that region. Try hip thrust variations (weighted, elevated, unstable surface), kick back variations (cables, banded, add pulses, side kicks, fire hydrants), split squats (Rear leg elevated)....these are just a few examples. For more check out my "build a booty" workout below and subscribe to the VCNfitness YouTube channel for specific exercise tutorials and workouts for the rest of the body that can be done anywhere. Variety is key and so is adding resistance (bands or weights)! Change isn't going to happen overnight and you also don't want to overtrain. Twice weekly lower body dedicated workouts will suffice. Be sure you allow 48 hours for recovery and repair. With an effective plan, you can and will see results.

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