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STRONG IS THE NEW SEXY trainer tip #4 3.21.17

Trainer Tip Tuesday...LADIES....cardio alone is not the answer to fat loss and changing your body...a combination of cardio AND strength training to build lean muscle mass is going to give you more bang for your buck...muscle burns more calories at rest and for the 24-48 hours post-workout , than doing cardio alone...remember, cardio is only momentary calorie stops burning when you stop running, climbing, or biking or whatever your choice of steady state is. DO NOT FEAR will not get "bulky" or grow big muscles without intent, heavy, heavy weights, and the proper nutrition to do so (plus we lack the testosterone to get "man-muscles") and it will NOT HAPPEN BY ACCIDENT. If you want to change the shape of your body, enhance your curves, and gain strength...lift weights that are heavier than your purse. If it makes you nervous, ask for help to learn proper form, start light enough that you can complete 12-15 reps with proper form in your first set. Then increase the weight for your second set to complete up to 10 reps. And for your 3rd set, increase the weight again, if you can and maintain proper form for up to 6 reps. Keep up this pattern and try the same exercise the following week (or a few weeks later), at your middle set weight as your starting weight and go up from there. Focus on QUALITY not QUANTITY first. The numbers will come. But what you will notice in time and with consistency, is a changed body composition, a more firm physique, and increased strength and confidence. Don't sweat missing out on can get it by incorporating supersets or active rests to your lifting sessions or by adding a few HIIT workouts on alternate days (try one of my 10-minute HIIT workouts below)...steady-state is not the only way to do it. As a woman that has lifted for over 25 years, I feel very comfortable and feminine in a dress. Don't let people tell you that lifting will make you manly or bulky. That's just a myth perpetuated by those with an inferiority complex. Strong is beautiful. Strong is sexy. Strong is the new skinny!

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