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NO FOOD GUILT trainer tip #19 7.4.17

Free yourself from the confines you have built around yourself...the walls that don't allow progress, that stall success and keep us from being truly happy with ourselves. Allow yourself a treat or a few, on a holiday or in celebration, or just because...but balance that with exercise, stretching and a lot of water! You don't have to do a formal workout, but DO SOMETHING ACTIVE! Why give yourself a treat and then feel bad about it? Guilt is such a waste of energy. Have the treat, enjoy it and then move on! Don't let it be the beginning of a downward spiral into food guilt and obsession over a lb or a couple of lbs gained (which, by the way, is only water weight unless you actually consume 3500+ calories in surplus of your TDEE!). We celebrated (July 4th)a night early...and guess what? I had a hamburger AND a hot dog and chips and sangria and s'mores...and do I feel bad...heck no! Today I'm getting another workout in and I'll eat "better" and consciously, and drink my water. Moving forward and not looking back...and certainly not feeling guilty about a little indulgence. It was time with family and friends and an opportunity to let go of the reigns, in moderation of course! Food is fuel...IT doesn't have the capability to "make you do or feel"'s all in how you approach eating...conscious choices can help stave off food guilt.

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