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EVERYONE WAS ONCE A BEGINNER trainer tip #3 3.14.17

For anyone beginning a workout program whether at home or at the gym, it is important to remember that it's day one...and it's ok to start SIMPLE and you should start SLOW! Don't rush into complicated exercises or into lifting weights that are too heavy. The number one reason people quit is going at it too fast and too heavy. Injury is a sure fire way to stall your progress. So learn the basics (see my beginner workout below); learn how to perform them with proper form (p.s. there is no perfect form, and no exercise is one size fits all) learn how to breathe properly to help your performance. Day 1, week 1, month 1...this is your learning period. No one walks into a gym the first day an expert. Conversely, no one that has been going to the gym is going to look at a newbie in a negative light (and if they do they have issues and it's not with you). Practice makes progress and progress take time...there is no immediate gratification on the scale or in the mirror. Connect to the exercises, feel your muscles and how they move. Know that you are doing something positive for your body and mind. Go with a plan and set your goal. If you don't know how to approach it or what to do...don't be timid...ask for help. I am now offering complimentary 15-minute LIVE consultations...and I am happy to talk with you...simply reach out by clicking here.

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