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"Vanessa's training technique and style approach exercise creatively.  She listens to the client and has great instincts."


"Vanessa is an expert on fitness.  She really excels at helping women get back into shape and regain strength after pregnancy.  Vanessa helped me bounce back, finding solutions and alternatives to work through the aches and pains and sheer exhaustion of being a new mom.  I saw results right away and in time to get back to the office with confidence!" -Sarah


"I am a  pre-professional ballerina.  Since starting training with Vanessa I have seen improvement in my dancing.  I needed to gain core strength to improve my turns, increase my extensions and to strengthen my balance.  I had the extra challenge of having hyper-extended legs to work with, and Vanessa knew how to handle that.  I have met my goals in working with Vanessa.  Because she was a dancer, she is able to explain things to me in ways that I can understand specifically related to ballet and how to apply it.  No other trainer could have helped me accomplish as much as Vanessa has."-Christina
"I have worked with Vanessa for over 5 years, including during my 2 pregnancies...and even during both of HER pregnancies! She guided me through safe workouts and kept me motivated up tot he actual birth. Vanessa really understood what my body needed and made it easy for me to return to my pre-baby shape and level of fitness. I'm proud of my body--I love what she has created!!" -Jodi

"Vanessa is my 9th trainer in 16 years.  She is professional, extremely knowledgeable, high energy, has a positive attitude and is supportive, encouraging and fun. I can always count on a great workout!"-Pamela

"I have been training with Vanessa for 9 months and the results are great!  The improvement in my core strength is amazing.  She varies routines and pushes me to reach my goals.  This is the longest I have committed to working with a trainer and I can attribute it to her level of balance in all the sessions.  It's just right!"-Scott

"At 42 and after 4 children, I needed to jump start my body and get back into shape.  Vanessa has been the perfect trainer.  Her workouts are a great blend of cardio, Pilates strengthening and lengthening, flexibility work, and traditional core training.  She has a huge repetoire or exercises.  Vanessa has brought the joy back into exercising for me.  I cherish my sessions with her!" -Kristin

"Vanessa provides great motivation...Her knowledge of anatomy ensures that exercises are modified appropriately."-Sue


"I needed training to get into shape for my wedding and found Vanessa upon recommendation from a colleague.  She makes me challenge myself, with exceptional patience.Vanessa has been an inspiration and our work has yielded exceptional results."



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