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BREAKING THE PLATEAU Trainer Tip #27 8/21/17

It's Trainer Tip Tuesday and I want to address the dreaded PLATEAU. First thing I want to tell you is we all experience this, it happens to everyone. What makes the difference between those of us that are successful and those that are not is how we persevere and break through those lulls. Don't think of a stall or a dip in progress as a's not! It's a totally normal occurrence. Failure is quitting. Failure is giving up. Failure is slashing all your tires because you got one flat.... Why do plateaus happen? There are so many reasons why...adaptation, lack of motivation, perhaps a slip in nutrition, not pushing quite as hard as you could, fatigue... How can we break through? Again, there are so many ways. My advice is to keep going. Don't allow yourself to give up. The best thing you can do is reevaluate what you are doing...all the factors... 👉🏻Are you getting enough water, calories, sleep and activity? 👉🏻Are you still increasing the weight you are lifting? 👉🏻Are you still challenging yourself with each workout or are you just going through the motions? 👉🏻look at your routine...can you make changes that might "shock your system" into a resurgence of energy? 👉🏻re-evaluate your diet...have you been consistent or have you been allowing more treats unconsciously? My thinking is this...a plateau or a stall in progress is a sign from your body that it's need a change. Maybe you need a day or 2 off to just rest and reset your system. Maybe you need to just change your program, lift more, less cardio, do HIIT...there are so many ways you can shake off a plateau and continue to progress. It's a fact that the closer we get to our goals the slower progress will be. Patience is key, but also being flexible and willing to step out of your comfort zone will help break that plateau. We are only confined by the walls we build around ourselves...and this is true about fitness. If you get stuck and you are doing the same thing over and over, change isn't going to happen. Take a chance. Try something new and different. Just don't give up. This is why I have continued to offer the VCNfitness challenges. It is a program that is consistent in the way that it changes...there is little opportunity for adaptation. It is my goal for you to be successful in accomplishing your goals...the challenge begins September 3 and registration closes on September 10th. Join today for a program that will challenge you and an experience that will change you!

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