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THE MAGIC PILL trainer tip #11 5.9.17

Trainer Tip Tuesday. Daily ,I read posts from people looking for the "fastest way possible" or the "easiest way" or a "jump start" to lose weight. I also read advertisements for products promising fast weight or fat loss. Well I hate to be the bearer of bad news or the reality police, but THERE IS NO QUICK FIX. No pill, powder, wrap, cleanse or program is going to be "fast and effective". Healthy fat loss or weight loss is not fast and furious, it's slow and steady and teaches you a way of life that, if you stick with it will give you lasting results. You won't lose it all fast and then gain it all back even faster if you do it the right way. There is no jump start to weight just have to START! Go into the process knowing that it is just that...a process, it takes time and you have to trust it. Stop falling for the gimmicks and fads and brilliant advertising that preys on our worst insecurities. Ads for diet pills and programs target those of us that feel terrible about our bodies and they actually are written in a way to make us feel worse and THAT sways us into purchasing those pills, shakes, meals and silly products. Eating a balanced diet. Drinking plenty of water. Living a balanced life. Making your life more active. Finding a style of exercise that you enjoy. Learning that you are deserving of the hard work and that you are capable of it. These are keys to fat loss and changing your mind and body. You don't need products and potions or even celebrity trainers to be successful. You don't need lotions, wraps or shakes to help the process. Hard work is tried and true. No it's not going to be easy. But nothing worth having should be easily gotten. Stop seeking a secret magic's already within you. Strength. Patience. Consistency. Self-love. Find those things, and you are another step in the right direction.

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