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STEP OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE trainer tip #16 6.13.17

It's Trainer Tip Tuesday and I want to talk about believing in yourself. You may wonder why the big photo of 1lb pink dumbbells? Well I know many women think they need to lift very light weights doing lots of reps and even lifting fast to see results...and many women don't have any clue about the physical strength they posses. The photo here is my dear friend and VCNfitness challenger that I am so lucky to call my training partner. When we first started working out together I asked her what she used for single arm dumbbell rows. She said, "15s". My response was, "Not anymore, go pick up a 30." From that day forward she believed she could and has slowly increased the weight she is lifting and has completely changed her body. Too many women are disillusioned by the myth that we can "bulk like men". So they fear lifting heavy. It's not even just fear, it's total lack of confidence that they can even do it. My tip, TRY! You'll never know if you don't. Be confident in your form, and just try...1 rep...then 2...then 10! Then increase the weight! No, you will not grow "man muscles" will get stronger and change your body'll be able to do exercises you never thought you could and continue to challenge yourself. It takes getting out of your comfort zone to experience change. If you've been stuck in a plateau for a while, it worth staying where you are or do you want a change? If the answer is the latter, then go for it with cautious fearlessness. You have to believe in your own possibility for greatness. It's within you.

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