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PUSH YOUR LIMITS trainer tip #20 7.11.17

It's humbling to be faced with a challenge that pushes the limits. It is not easy to admit that we aren't as capable as we believe. But sometimes we have to do that. Finding out what needs to be improved upon in order to progress is such a positive thing. No one is perfect. No one is capable of everything all the time. I was humbled this past weekend at the Palmerton Spartan Race. I was shown how much work I have to do to be as strong and fast and competitive as I want to be. I was passed by people that at first glance I would not have thought could. It was an amazing experience and I know what my weaknesses are. Remember we can't know everything or be everything. We won't be better, faster and stronger than some. I'm not trying to be negative...this is meant to be real talk. Realize and admit the things you need to work on, set goals and work your ass off until you achieve them...then set new goals. The possibilities are endless! Progress is progress, no matter how slow. If you keep working and keep moving, you are one step ahead...and you are lapping everyone that has chosen not to. Make a promise to yourself to keep improving. Every day celebrate an accomplishment. You are worthy of the praise, even if it's to yourself!

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