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LEG DAY trainer tip #6 4.4.17

Trainer tip Tuesday...and I'm talking about #legday. As you can see in all of these photos, I am not using heavy, heavy weight. I am strong, but I have past injuries and some chronic issues that I have to work around particularly on leg day. What is MOST important is proper form, posture and alignment for ALL exercises. Quality of movement is more important that the quantity of the weight or number of reps. Moving slowly through exercises like the ones shown, (deadlift, reverse lunge and sumo squat) as well as pretty much any other, is vital for maximizing the work. You will have more control and your core will have to work to stabilize harder and for the duration of the entire exercise, in both the positive and negative phases of the movement. Don't worry about how heavy you go...especially if you are dealing with injuries or muscle imbalances and weaknesses. Take time to learn proper form and focus on moving slowly and deliberately. You will get much much more out of the work.

See my lower body HIIT workout below for some more leg day ideas!

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