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GUILT FREE ZONE trainer tip #12 5.16.17

How many of you feel guilty when you miss an unscheduled day of working out? How many of you let one treat make you feel terrible, mentally or emotionally? How many of you let those feelings of guilt be the beginning of a downward spiral...and the cycle of starting and stopping continues? What if I told you that you should go ahead and allow yourself a day or 2 off every week? What if I said, go ahead, eat that piece of cake or enjoy that burger and fries? Do it and don't feel like you're going to ruin everything you have worked for. Our bodies tell us things in the form of cravings, fatigue, illness, and injury. Take my advice...LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! If you are hungry...EAT. Don't deprive yourself, just learn how much is just enough to fill a craving. Know when to stop. When you feel tired, exhaustion or fatigue...REST. Take it easy. Move a little to see how that feels...Sometimes it helps bring energy to your body and mind, but sometimes, you just need to sit, relax or sleep. Know when you shouldn't push...that's not always the best choice. One missed workout, one "bad" meal, one day off or one off day is not going to stall your progress. Guess what, even a few less than stellar days won't...unless you let it. When you need to, take time off to not exercise to not stress about food. Balance in life is key. Guilt is a waste of energy and emotion. You have the power to say this is not how life will go in this moment in in control of your emotions, thoughts, and actions and you will be able to get back on the horse when you feel ready. One day at a time you will progress...even small steps are steps forward.

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