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Program FAQs


Is this a customized program or a general program?

I like to say it is a general program that is self-customize-able! Everyone follows the same plan, with the assistance of the tutorial videos. But within the plan as written, you decide how you want to perform the workouts, the amount of weight you use, and the intensity which you put into it.  Along with the proper nutrition for your goals, you will see results if you put the work in!  I do offer customized plans for an additional fee. 


What equipment do I need to do the workouts at HOME?

The plan is written so it can be completed at home with body weight, dumbbells, resistance tubing or bands and loops (I recommend a set like the one at this link)and paper plates (or gliders like the ones at this link). You can also incorporate any other equipment you may have at home.


I have a home gym, can I get the GYM plan? 

The gym plan utilizes equipment found in most big box gyms...cables, leg press, assisted pull-up/chin-up, dumbbells, bars, balls, benches, etc., plus resistance loops and gliders. It is up to  you to decide if your home equipment will work for this. But, you CAN incorporate whatever you have into the HOME plan. The NEW program is a hybrid plan with variations for both home and gym incorporated so everyone will get an identical program.


How long are the workouts?

There are 4-6 written workouts each week.  How long they take is fully dependent on you.  I leave it up to you to decide if you will do sets/reps, HIIT, or supersets (I explain each in the intro video).  Part of this challenge is empowering yourself to make choices, this is the first one.  How you decide to complete the workouts will make them anywhere from 30-90 minutes. 


I can only get to the gym (or workout) only 3 times a week, can I still do the program?

YES! I have lots of participants that have to modify the plan to fit their lifestyles and schedules.  I can help you do the same.


I am a beginner.  Are there modifications?

YES!  I show modifications and advancements in all of the tutorial videos.  These workout of the day videos compilations break down the day's workout exercise by exercise with demonstration and discusses (at length) proper form, and modifications/variations for all levels.


I have an injury, can I do the program?

As long as you are medically cleared to exercise, I can help you to modify the program to work for you.  


I am training for an event (OCR, 5K, Marathon, Competition, etc.), can I do the program along with my other training? Will it help me prepare for these types of events?

YES!  I will happily help you integrate your current training plan with the program.  My programs are designed to build total body strength, increase coordination, and focuses on mobility...all of which will help in preparation for most sports. 


I have been working out for years and know what I am doing.  You said this program is appropriate for beginners.  Why should I bother?

Because I will challenge you in new ways and I feel that no matter what you already know, I can teach you plenty that you may not.  Even I am still learning, after 25+ years of fitness education and experience. I have participants of many different fitness levels from true beginners to seasoned athletes.  I do my own programs and I am always challenged! This plan is set up for YOUR determine how hard you work and how much you get out of it. You will get stronger.  You will build muscle.  You will reach your goals...ONLY if you put the work in.


Is there a meal plan or nutritional guidance?

I am a nutrition coach, so I am able to provide you with nutritional guidance in the form of a personalized nutrition guide and additional coaching. 


I do not provide meal plans. Only a Registered Dietician is ethically able to prescribe eating plans. 


I am nervous about taking "before" pictures.  I don't want them posted.  Is this ok?

Starting point and progress pictures are an integral component to any fitness program.  This is how I want you assessing your progress, rather than relying on the scale.  Photos will never be shared publicly without your permission.

Do I have to buy any products to participate?  Will I be pressured to buy anything?

No and No. I don't sell any products other than my gear and my services.  I don't pressure my tribe to do or purchase anything.  All I ask is if you are compelled to write me a review or testimonial, to do so...and to share my posts.  My clients and their results are my best advertisement, so I ask to share your stories (only with permission). But I will never pressure you to buy anything...however I will offer discount codes from my sponsors and additional deals you may want to take advantage of, exclusive to the group. 




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