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Discover and uncover the warrior within YOU






Fitness is my passion.  Not only training for my own health and fitness, but also teaching and empowering others to take charge of their own lifestyles and mindsets.  In my 20+ years in the fitness industry, I have worked with women of all ages, various fitness levels, each with unique needs and goals. What excites me about my work is how much I learn from each and every person.  I gain knowledge with each experience and I share that with you, my clients.


As I learn, I teach and as I teach, I learn.  


I want you to have an in depth understanding of and connection to your WHY.  

Why do you want to be fit?

Why do you want to be healthy? 

Whatever your starting point,  your fitness level, or your goals, I am dedicated to you and your success.

I am committed to guiding you forward and away from those self-limiting beliefs. My goal is to empower YOU to take your own power back, build physical strength and grow in confidence. Through fitness, mindset and nutrition coaching, lifting up and supporting women on their journeys gives me a deeper reason to wake up in the morning.



The Inner Warrior Project is about YOU.

YOUR body.

YOUR mind.

YOUR spirit. 

YOUR goals.

YOUR success.  




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